Andrew Barson

My driving interests are renewable energy and the sustainable electrification and development of the more than one billion people without electricity.  Environmentalism and social justice were two principles that were passed on to me by my parents early on in my life, and combined with my interest in engineering led me to complete a combined degree in Photovoltaic and Solar Energy Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Latin American Studies.

During my university years I was involved in solar projects in Nicaragua and in Kalimantan, Indonesia.  In addition to project management experience these trips gave me insight into the impact that electrification can make to remote or disadvantaged communities.  Raising money for these projects always took a huge amount of energy and time, so when the opportunity arose in 2006 to be part of the early wave of carbon related businesses in Australia I jumped at it.

I have  assisted over 200 companies in Australia and internationally measure and reduce their carbon footprints and have developed projects and methodologies for several emissions mitigation and energy efficiency projects. 

Climate Catalysts is my next step, focusing on playing a more dynamic, hands-on-role in the development of top quality carbon projects.  At their best carbon credits have the ability to fund very worthwhile projects in areas that are completely overlooked by conventional markets.

Meet the team

Gavin Pereira

My parents immigrated to Australia via Tanzania and India and brought me up with an awareness of poverty and the hardships of people living in developing countries. I also had a strong interest in environmental issues, so I studied an engineering degree in solar energy at UNSW which fostered my technical understanding and interest in renewable energy applications, policy and climate change.

Through a university field work project in Nicaragua during 2004, I was lucky enough to see first-hand how well renewable energy was suited to connecting remote rural areas with electricity. The project also helped me appreciate the vital link between electricity and development. Whilst at Uni, I stayed involved in numerous social purpose and environmental groups; the most satisfying of which was working with Ozharvest to rescue unsold food from the UNSW eateries, which was then donated to local charities and soup kitchens to feed needy people.

When I finished my degree, I was involved in the start-up of the Carbon Reduction Institute and was a director there for over 3 years. I rapidly gained expertise in all things carbon; from designing and implementing projects, to organizing trades, contracts and relationships with brokers, to auditing and assisting companies reduce their carbon footprints.

After exiting CRI in 2010, I started Climate Catalysts with Andrew so that we could work on and develop carbon projects that improved livelihoods and protected the environment. This work allows me to blend my passions and life aims with my professional expertise.