We provide a complete suite of services to assist our clients, technology partners and financiers in developing their carbon credit projects.

  1. 1.Project Feasibility, Planning and Development

  1. Quantifying the annual carbon and energy savings that accrue from the project

  2. Modeling the financial viability and returns from the project to all stakeholders

  3. Designing project to overcome infrastructural and financial barriers; technology, socio-cultural and country risks (including community consultation)

  4. Develop investment brief for prospective investors and stakeholder engagement information to explain the project accreditation cycle and the benefits that accrue to all project stakeholders

  1. 2.Investigate Project Financing Options

  1. Identify viable markets to transact emission reductions

  2. Outline costs for project and identify financing options to maximize financial returns for projects

  3. Pitch investment brief to credit buyers and brokers and obtain letters of support

  4. Organise drafting of emission reduction purchase agreements for the sale of credits

3. Develop Project Documentation

  1. Complete Project Idea Note and Project Design Documents for the project and manage appraisal of documents

  2. Develop project record keeping procedures

  3. Manage Stakeholder Engagement Processes

  1. 4.Manage Registration and Validation Processes

  1. Manage validation of project design documents; including onsite support with auditors

  2. Manage project registration

  1. 5.Project Implementation and Monitoring

  1. Ensure that project is operating in accordance with regulatory requirements

  2. Co-ordinate emissions monitoring activities and oversee quality control

  3. Manage auditing and verification process

  4. Manage and report to key stakeholders

Our Services: CDM Project Development