Climate Catalysts’ consulting services are delivered with technical expertise, entrepreneurial thinking and a community friendly approach.

Renewable Energy Consulting Services

  1. Feasibility studies for proposed renewable energy projects

  2. Community consultation and assessment of generation requirements and appropriate payment terms for generated electricity

  3. Sizing, component selection, site selection and load analysis of generators

  4. Assessment of available renewable energy resource (Biomass, Solar, Biogas; not wind) and financial modeling

  5. Training of locals in maintenance of generation equipment

  6. Structured maintenance and caretaking schedule for uptake and maintenance of generation

  7. Possibility to integrate projects into carbon markets

Carbon Consulting Services

  1. Identification of carbon markets and opportunities for your carbon reducing technology

  2. Baseline and project emission calculations for innovative projects that are not covered under CDM methodology

  3. Corporate education on risks and opportunities in the carbon market

  4. Carbon footprint training services, calculation tools and audits

  5. Sourcing and selection of carbon credit projects to match CSR requirements

Our Services: Carbon and Renewable Energy Consultancy