Climate Catalysts is a young and innovative climate change consulting firm established in 2010 by Gavin Pereira and Andrew Barson; two engineers who already have under their belt the establishment and successful exit from one of Australia’s more successful carbon companies.

Climate Catalysts mission is to use carbon credit markets to catalyse the development of projects that reduce emissions, improve livelihoods and protect the environment.  Carbon credits are an important tool in combating climate change.  The sale of credits allows revenue to flow to projects that find cleaner and better ways of doing things. This revenue is a strong catalyst in helping emission reduction projects to overcome economic, technological or social hurdles allowing them to become viable.

Climate Catalysts projects reduce emissions and create carbon credits via the following technologies and processes:

• Renewable Energy and Replacement of Fossil Fuels

• Energy Efficiency

• Animal Management

• Waste to Energy Projects

Climate Catalysts works with clients, technology partners and financiers to develop projects in Australia, South East Asia, South America and Africa.

Climate Catalysts was established in 2010 to catalyse the development of carbon credit projects that reduce emissions, improve livelihoods and protect the environment.

Through complete transparency and strong commitment to all our stakeholders, we aim to set the benchmark for high integrity carbon projects.

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